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Holy Mass & Sacraments in the traditional
Roman Catholic Rite

Confessions:  9:15 AM -9:50 AM

Saturday Mass:  9:00 am
Confessions:  8:15- 8:50 am

Saturday, August 29th

10am - 4pm

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Chapel, 205 Fulton St., Elgin, will be holding a rummage/garage sale on Saturday, August 29, 2015, from 10AM to 4PM. at the Chapel. 

 Clothing, household items, books, religious items.



-drawing for the Grill  to take place Sunday, August 30
following Mass

Clothing, household items, books, religious items & much, much more!


Why do some Catholics worship in small Churches, Chapels, 
& other Mass Centers? 

Holy Mass as offered at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Chapel

-Holy Mass offered the truly Catholic way is always "God centered." 

Before the “New Mass” in the early 1970's was fully implemented, sweeping changes took place in the rite of priestly ordination. The old rite of ordination took about 3 hours, while the New rite (contained in the new Roman Pontifical) takes probably about one hour. We would not detail every single change, but it is important that we have a sense of what happened to the Catholic priesthood:


Besides the actual changes in the rite of ordination in 1968, we find the New Church did away with most of what were called the “Minor orders.” The Subdiaconate, tonsure, porter, exorcist, lector, were done away with. Each one of these ordinations had a great significance that would indicate some of the responsibilities and role of the future priest. This was all an attack on the priesthood of course. 

The Church teaches us that what is needed for a valid Sacrament are three things: the matter, the form, the intention. If one is lacking, no sacrament is produced. For example, bread and wine are the “matter” for Holy Mass, so that if you don’t use bread, or substitute a cookie, even using the correct words, which are the form, you do not confect or produce the Mass. It is not valid, there is no Mass at all. The same with baptism: true water is required. If you substitute gasoline for water, even if you use the correct words, the baptism is not valid. The Church has no power whatsoever to change the matter, the form, the intention.  In some modern parishes "grape juice" is often substituted for wine, or other types of "bread" for unleavened.   We often hear of New Church clergy who substitute  "gluten free" hosts for the valid matter, as required by the Catholic Church.    Yet, laity will continue to attend and support such institutions.

As regards the “intention” this confuses people. The person who administers the sacrament must “intend” to produce the Sacrament: He must intend to do what the Church intends. Without the proper intention (to do what the Church intends) no Sacrament is produced, even using the correct words. These three are inseparable: matter, form, intention. To have valid Sacraments requires a validly ordained Catholic priest, at least as regards the Sacraments of Penance, of Communion, Extreme Unction (Last Rites) and even Confirmation (when permitted). Baptism and Marriage are the only Sacraments that can be administered without a priest.  

At the same time, we can question the intention of the ordaining bishops in the New Church, those infected greatly with the “new theology“ about so many important Catholic teachings in general. We have to ask: do they really intend to do what the Catholic Church intends at ordination? Do they intend to ordain a sacrificing priest or a modern presbyter as they call them? This problem of intention is serious. Do many of the modernist “presbyters” who function in so many parishes seem to believe the historic and traditional Catholic teachings? When they “preside” at so many modern “new Masses” does one come away with the impression that they are really offering a “holy sacrifice” or merely reading a narrative of events that took place long ago? 

We have a problem with the actual change of rite: this we call again as the “form” of the Sacrament. The matter is the laying on of hands which is done in silence, and this accompanied by the long preface with the words of ordination. In 1948 Pope Pius XII issued “Sacramentum Ordinis” where he clarified this matter, that is, what is essential to the form, or  what is required and what is necessary for validity in ordination. Some theologians had different opinions on this, prior to the definition of Pope Pius XII. Remember, changing the form of a Sacrament (we are not speaking about non-essential external ceremonies) makes a Sacrament a doubtful or invalid one. In fact, changing the form of the Sacraments is absolutely forbidden by the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Pius XII did not change the form, but clarified the traditional form of the last few centuries. The form for the Sacrament of ordination is: Grant, we implore Thee, Almighty Father, to this Thy servant the dignity of the priesthood, renew within him the spirit of holiness, that he may keep the rank in Thy service which he has received from Thee, and by his conduct afford a holy living.” The New Rite says “Hear us, Lord our God, and pour out upon this servant of yours the blessing of the Holy Spirit and he grace of the power of the priesthood. In your sight we offer this man for ordination: support him with your unfailing love.” The problem with this prayer is found in the intention of the bishop, which is expressed in the questioning of the candidate previous to these words. So the words prior to the actual New form, set the stage  for the actual ordination. The form is not only changed, but the intention of the bishop is not the intention of the Catholic Church. You may recall that this was a problem for the Anglicans and why Pope Leo XIII infallibly declared that the Anglican Ordinal greatly defective. Anglican “bishops” (led by former Catholic Archbishop Cranmer) intentionally nullified and removed from the (new Rite) of Anglican ordination that which signified the intention of ordaining a “sacrificing priest.”  

-a modern-day "Catholic" priest in Mexico  

Many other things are missing: “Receive the power to offer Sacrifice to God, and to celebrate Mass, both for the living and the dead, in the name of the Lord“ as well as the anointing of the hands with holy oil, (now “consecrated" with a doubtful Rite) -the power to forgive sins at the end of the Rite of ordination, all have been changed or done away with. These are all serious grounds for questioning the validity of this New Rite, and this is why we must regard the New Church priests as doubtful priests


-the above has grave implications for those who attend the Fraternity fo St. Peter and Institute of Christ theKing.  These organizations rely on and  invite for their priestly ordinations  New Church bishops who themselves have been ordained in the new defective Rites-  

The priesthood cannot die, yet it can falter and fail in many places. Lucifer has worked to destroy the Catholic priesthood. Even among the twelve, a traitor was to be found. We are witnessing in the world today the consequences of not only the changes in the priesthood, which have decimated the sacramental life in so many souls, but we see the effect of the changes in general: society falling apart, falling into the abyss.  Recent events in the Supreme Court (received happily by many false Catholics) and even so many "Catholics" supporting contraception and Planned Parenthood...is simply proof positive of defection en masse from the Roman Catholic Church and the  one certain path to salvation. 

All the dressing up in fine vestments, all the return of Latin and chant in some Novus Ordo parishes  will do nothing if it being used by those who are merely lay ministers, those in fact who are not  certainly validly ordained Catholic priests. For this reason, we especially turn to the immaculate Heart of Mary who said that in the end her immaculate Heart would triumph. One day, Our Lady said, through the Rosary and the Scapular she would conquer the world. Do those words indicate a time when the Mass and the Sacraments would be seldom found? Pray for your true bishops and priests, and pray that they might continue faithfully with their priesthood in the service of Our Lord and His Holy Catholic Church.



Spreading the Catholic Faith!

Diane Milmont, member of the Sodality of Our Lady and Chapel organist has
been spreading the faith and offering traditional Catholic religious items at the Elgin Flea Market (Rt. 31) each Saturday for several hours of the day.  She is able to provide Catholic literature and information to many who visit her tables.  


Thanks to Mary & Gerardo Palacios who also offer a helping hand. 

Catholic Liturgical life at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary:

Palm Sunday 2015

Procession leaves the Chapel following the Blessing of Palms

Palm Sunday Procession heads back up Fulton Street to the Chapel

At the entrance of the Chapel


Introit of the Mass

Prayers at the end of Low Mass

"Suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a violent wind. . .it filled the whole house. . .And there appeared to them parted tongues as of fire, which settled upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit."
-Epistle for Pentecost Sunday 

On Christmas we celebrate the birthday of Christ in His Physical Body. Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Roman Catholic Church, and we remember all of those who have been reborn into His Mystical Body. How did the first Christians prepare? They were all "in prayer" with Mary; and they were "all of one mind," under the leadership of Peter, making ready to tell "men from every nation under heaven. . .of the wonderful works of God." (Epistle) Yes, prayer and action are the marks of the true Christian. In the Offertory of the Mass for Pentecost we ask the Holy Spirit to "confirm" the graces "wrought in us" when we were baptized and confirmed. We pray also "to relish" things of the Spirit and to benefit by "His consolation" (Prayer) in the struggle of Church and soul against "the prince of the world" (Gospel).



During these past 5 years we've experienced growth as more of the faithful are coming to realize that with all the chaos in the world and the modern/liberal move to undermine the Catholic faith from within the very institution of the Church, it is time to stand fast and hold to the faith of 2,000 years.

As Catholics who do not wish to compromise our faith or adopt it to the politically correct sway of society, we remain firmly attached to the teaching of Our Lord, to the Magesterium of Popes and Councils, and have retained exclusively the  form of worship known to the Catholic world for so many centuries, that worship which nourished so many Saints: the  Traditional Latin Mass.  We also continue to receive the traditional  Catholic Sacraments that have not been "updated" or changed.  The Sacraments, instituted by Our Lord for our salvation, have brought peace and grace into the hearts of men.   It is only the Catholic faith that can bring peace and good order to souls, to society.

If you'd like to assist us as our parish family grows, please  contribute to the
Chapel Building Fund.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel consists of all age groups but especially of young Catholic families and home-school children.  Please come and visit us and experience the Catholic faith and Catholic Mass as it was handed down for centuries.  We think you'll come away with the desire to support our efforts as we continue to plan for the future of so many young children who need to be nourished and raised in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith of 2,000 years.

Our mailing address:

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel
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  Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel

"Orate Fratres"

"Pray brethren, that my sacrifice and yours..."

Holy Mass on the Feast of the Holy Family

We enjoyed not only traditional American food, but wonderful Mexican and Filipino cuisine that was prepared by Chapel members

Traditional Roman Catholic Holy Mass & Sacraments

Confessions:  9:15 AM -9:50 AM

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Five Year Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sung Holy Mass for the Feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

New Crucifix for the Saint Francis Hall at the Chapel
(donated by the Palacios Family)

Some members and friends of the Chapel enjoying lunch!

The new Chapel Hall

We thank our generous benefactors who helped with the purchase of so many needed
tables and chair! 

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Dr. Crone, Ph.D. Lecture

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

 Corpus Christi Procession

Corpus Christi Procession

Sung High Mass

The Chapel has a bookstore with numerous religious articles
and reading materials.  
Please join us after Mass on Sundays for coffee and pastries. 
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